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Director's Statement  
Just what is it that still links us all together? I pursue this question in a two-part project. Each film deals with a medium that can be considered an agent that connects people. The first film, entitled Seven Waters, treats the element which physically links people with everything living and, beyond that, brings them together in a mysterious spiritual way - known to but a few - like a natural internet. The second film will approach a clearly symbolic medium that links us, but that actually ends up dividing us: money. In the end, this diptych is an enquiry about the physical and metaphysical reasons for human activity.

The reflections of the protagonists in Seven Waters are drawn directly from their contact with the liquid element. For them, physics and metaphysics are still entwined. This might at first glance seem old-fashioned, but in fact, at the start of the 21st century, it is extremely avant-garde.

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