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4 - NASA - Deliratio

Not all that far away an investor from the Far East has installed the future for the fun society. At a constant temperature of 27°C an enormous hall provides its visitors with a tropical atmosphere even in the middle of winter and condenses a whole continent into the format of an adventure swimming pool. Leading-edge water technology in the basement ensures that the illusion is maintained, but technician’s eyes really lights up at the thought of a breakdown and in fact the possible sudden end of the dream factory: "Only a breakdown permits us to really get to know our technology." There is surely no better way to express the yearning for a system collapse as the motor of knowledge. The site was once a Soviet air base with planes on standby for a nuclear war. In Brand, history and the future appear in grotesque forms sometimes as a nightmare, sometimes as a chimera.
"Deliratio" is the subtitle for this space station named NASA for those wanting to escape reality.
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